Leave the Crib. Learn to Crawl.


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Leave the Crib. Learn to Crawl.

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Jesus Changes Everything


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I have seen Jesus in a new light and it has made everything about my life irrelevant…

He is holy, He is Holy, HE IS HOLY! What more can I say? It is as if I have not known before this great being that I serve. This one that can not be described with the most illustrious words, this one that cannot be seen with even the strongest eyes, the one whose reality is so great that it can never be fully revealed.

This one who walked the earth and was human like I am. This one who defeated sin. Who cold not be held by death and who has given me a new inheritance of identity. He was the second Adam. He was the man by whom I now live and identify myself.

This Jesus, the loving shepherd, the lowly carpenter from Nazareth, the man who walked with sinners, the man who loved to enjoy life, the man who fed the multitudes, the man who healed the sick. This same man is seated at the Father’s right hand. His name is above all names. His dominion is over all the kings of the earth. He rules and governs with absolute sovereignty. There is no one to draw back his hand or question Him saying ‘what do you do?’

How can I come before him? How can I dwell in the presence of this burning fire? How do I respond to His greatness? I don’t know. I am exhausted after prayer. My body is overwhelmed with joy. I lose my mind in the glory of His presence and have to force it back into the reality that I knew before. This reality I knew before is what I have structured my life in. But as the veil between heaven and earth grows thin, my eyes perceive more clearly, my ears hear the sound, and my heart knows the truth of who I am of who He is, and of who I will become. Those things that would masquerade as having power over my life shrivel up and disappear until I recreate them out of habit.

Suddenly my plans of pursuing a degree to support my lifestyle, my ideas of starting a business to create money, my limitations and my hopes become nothing. I see for a moment that I have all that I need. I see for a moment, that everything that belongs to God belongs to me. I see the earth as a thing with which I interact and create. Nothing is impossible.

I can go forth and pursue that which is good. I can create platforms of love. I can revel and share in the beauty that I create and discover. I can design and explore and teach and learn and help others do the same. What was holding me back no longer applies and I am free to pursue without hindrance the dream of showing the goodness of God to the world around me.